White Dragon: Genesis

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  • “Action-packed poetry. This is Stefan Bolz at his best.” [Amazon Reviewer]

    “It’s one of those books that leave you desperate for more!” [Amazon Reviewer]

    “Highly, highly recommend this jewel of a book!” [Amazon Reviewer]

    “A fantastic story, wonderfully developed characters, and an ending that will leave you on edge and begging for Genesis Part 2” [Amazon Reviewer]

    “I loved this book’s prose, characters and story line. Get this. Read it. Experience the awesome that is Stefan Bolz.” [Amazon Reviewer

    The White Dragon: Genesis is the story of the very beginning of an apocalyptic event as seen through the eyes of an eighteen-year-old girl. Nothing could have prepared her for what is about to happen and she has to face some seriously tough stuff before the end. During the thirty-six hours of terror that turn Kasey Byrne’s life upside down and strip her of everything dear to her, something inside her awakens. It is gift and curse alike for it can destroy her or turn her into the most powerful weapon against the evil that has reached the shores of our world.