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Audio Books and More

Hugh Howey had been speaking at the One Book One Watertown event at the Watertown Public Library around Boston last weekend. A couple of Facebook friends (thank you Jill & Patrice) posted about it and there was one picture in particular that peaked my interest. Hugh, who all of us indie authors owe so much […]

The Music of The Fourth Sage

There is one channel on Pandora I always listen to while while writing The Fourth Sage. It’s called “Gregorian Chants”. There, I discovered this beauty: Hymne de Cherubin I can feel, smell, and taste the world Aries is in whenever I hear this. I can hear the children of the Forgotten Floors. Their fate haunts […]

The Hope and Longing of Joshua Aylong.

Once in a while, a review comes along that reflects what The Three Feathers was intended to be. A couple of times throughout the writing, and mixed in with the ever-present internal monologues in the likes of “you are NOT a writer, so why not give up now,” there was this thought that the book […]

I Have a Dream

I have a dream. This dream began when I first published The Three Feathers. I remember that I woke up one morning and found myself with a single thought that would not leave me during the day. The thought was too daring to even think any further on it. It was too big to even […]

A very nice recommendation by a fourth grade teacher

Last spring, I had the opportunity to read aloud Stefan Bolz’s book The Three Feathers prior to its official publication, thanks to the suggestion of one of my students.  Although it is not the type of book and genre that I typically choose for my own personal reading, I make it a point to read […]

Interview with the Blue Stone Press

Lori: Stefan, congratulations on your book. From what you have told me so far it sounds very intriguing. I have to ask you… its main character is a rooster. Can you tell us a little bit about the story? Stefan: Thanks, Lori. The story is about Joshua Aylong, a rooster, who lives a comfortable life in his […]

Interview with Donnie Light from

The Three Feathers – eBook76 Featured Book – by Donnie Light I recently had the opportunity to work on a new first novel, “The Three Feathers” by Stefan Bolz. As I gathered the information for the eBook and Print book projects, I became interested in the book and wanted to know more about it. Stefan […]