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My Interview with author Hank Garner

I met Hank Garner through our indie author community and discovered that we have a lot in common. When we spoke about doing this interview, I asked him a very serious question. You can see the answer below. I’m glad he answered it in the way that he did for I would probably not have been […]

My Interview with Author Lesley Smith

If you haven’t met Lesley Smith yet, you should. She lives in Norfolk, England, is a former freelance games journalist and has written for Future PLC and The Guardian. Since 2012,  readers are enjoying her novels that she also self publishes. And she has a black lab named Uni, which is just awesome. SB: Thanks for agreeing […]

A Review by Undiscovered Tomes

Stefan Bolz’s The Fourth Sage Makes Us Ask “Why”  Is it science fiction?    Or maybe fantasy?    Perhaps it’s a blend of both?  Nope. Definitely sci-fi. Though it did seem like a genre blend for quite some time. After all, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Ok, ok… that Arthur C. Clarke […]

My interview with writer and cover designer Jason Gurley

I met Jason Gurley through our ever-growing indie publishing community. He had been designing covers for Hugh Howey, Michael Bunker and others for a while and I was lucky enough to get on his schedule to design the cover for one of my own books. In this interview, however, I’ll talk to him more about […]

Interview with Lawrence Mann, Illustrator

For the launch of The Fourth Sage at the end of June, I thought I’d sit down with the people closely involved in its production. I’m starting with Lawrence Mann, illustrator and cover designer who, besides drawing and creating mind blowing book covers, drew the map for the story. If you haven’t checked out his website, you […]

Interview with the Blue Stone Press

Lori: Stefan, congratulations on your book. From what you have told me so far it sounds very intriguing. I have to ask you… its main character is a rooster. Can you tell us a little bit about the story? Stefan: Thanks, Lori. The story is about Joshua Aylong, a rooster, who lives a comfortable life in his […]

Interview with Donnie Light from

The Three Feathers – eBook76 Featured Book – by Donnie Light I recently had the opportunity to work on a new first novel, “The Three Feathers” by Stefan Bolz. As I gathered the information for the eBook and Print book projects, I became interested in the book and wanted to know more about it. Stefan […]