Apocalypse Weird: “A Renegade Band of Authors”


bluestonepressSo, the Blue Stone Press, a local newspaper for the area I live and work in, has done an article about Apocalypse Weird and my involvment with it. I am now officially a member of a “renegade band of authors who are out to revolutionize publishing.” I’ll take that description any day. The writer of the article, Anne Pyburn Craig, totally got it. She got what AW is about and what we are trying to do.


This article is one of many small ripples in the large pond of publishing. Each author does what he or she can to get the word out, to get people excited about the project. This work on the ground level is necessary to collect a base of readers and fans who stand behind the project and who, through their enthusiasm for the stories, spread the word even further. That in itself is revolutionary. Here is the article, hopefully readable. The online version will be available in about 2 weeks.




Three of the Apocalypse Weird books are now on SALE.


http://bit.ly/imm-kindle [Immunity]

http://bit.ly/tss-kindle [The Serenity Strain]

http://bit.ly/rev-kin [Reversal]


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Cheers and keep reading!

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