Monthly Archives: March 2014

Oakwood School

I will be giving a talk to the school, including faculty, in April. I thought, I’d share the Press Release with you. The talk is titled, “Words – Doorways of Imagination.” In it, we’ll discuss how a writer’s vast imagination has to be compressed into a few words on a page. And those words, in […]

Writing in the Dark – A Writer’s Journey

Before I begin, i’d like to pitch a book to you. It’s called The Writer’s Journey – Mythic Structure for Writers, by Christopher Vogler. He follows Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces and translates it into structure for story telling. It’s no secret that Star Wars creator George Lucas was a huge fan […]

Another Awesome Day in the Life of an Author

When I started to write The Three Feathers, not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I’d be reading in front of a group of kids. It did not cross my mind even once. Since the book was published though, Joshua and his friends seemed to capture the hearts of more and more […]

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One More Picture of The Three Feathers Cast

So, we are going to another school tomorrow. The third grade of the Marbletown Elementary School. Joshua and the gang are very excited. The preparations are almost complete. Book to read from – check. Bookmarks and cards to give out – check. The gang – check. The Three Feathers poster – check. I’ve heard that […]

Time is a Wheel

I’ve been working on a new header for this blog and came across this quote from The Fourth Sage: “You say that time is a wheel, turning in its inevitable path; that nothing has the power to change its predetermined course. But let there be but one small pebble willing to be impelled into its […]

A Quick Update and a Thank You Card

Hi everyone, I’ve been very busy working on The Fourth Sage. Should be done soon, I hope. There are a lot of threads that have to come together in the final battle scenes of the book and that part will also set the stage for the next installment, called “The Forgotten Future.” Interesting how some […]