Monthly Archives: September 2013

Keep Your Dreams Alive

Hi there, it’s Joshua. Since I left my home to search for the three feathers that appeared in my dream, I have learned quite a bit about myself. First, it always seems easier to give up than to continue, especially when it gets dark and the road ahead is treacherous. But trust me when I […]

For my German Friends of The Three Feathers

Das erste Kapitel der Deutschen Uebersetzung ist in meinem Besitz. Ich habe es hier drangehaengt. Das ist noch nicht die entgueltige Fassung aber diese Version kommt dem Endprodukt schon sehr nahe. Ich hoffe es gefaellt euch. Das Buch gibts zu Weihnachten im Paperback und fuer den Kindle. Kapitel 1 – Träume Es war einmal ein […]

Audio Books and More

Hugh Howey had been speaking at the One Book One Watertown event at the Watertown Public Library around Boston last weekend. A couple of Facebook friends (thank you Jill & Patrice) posted about it and there was one picture in particular that peaked my interest. Hugh, who all of us indie authors owe so much […]

Never Apart

I was working on a scene yesterday. It wasn’t moving along very well and I had trouble getting into the groove. I usually wait for an emotional trigger, something from the characters or the story that provokes a response; something that connects what is happening in the scene to a deeper meaning underneath. That, for […]