Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Music of The Fourth Sage

There is one channel on Pandora I always listen to while while writing The Fourth Sage. It’s called “Gregorian Chants”. There, I discovered this beauty: Hymne de Cherubin I can feel, smell, and taste the world Aries is in whenever I hear this. I can hear the children of the Forgotten Floors. Their fate haunts […]

The Hope and Longing of Joshua Aylong.

Once in a while, a review comes along that reflects what The Three Feathers was intended to be. A couple of times throughout the writing, and mixed in with the ever-present internal monologues in the likes of “you are NOT a writer, so why not give up now,” there was this thought that the book […]

A Very Nice Review from Goodreads

“Every so often I encounter a book that feels truer and more inspired than imagined or created. It’s as if the author channels a story drawn up from the depths of heretofore undiscovered world mythology. That’s how I see Stefan Bolz’s book, The Three Feathers. In the story, a rooster named Joshua leaves the comfortable […]

A Rooster, Really?

The hero of The Three Feathers is a rooster. “A rooster?” You might ask, and rightfully so. Yes, a rooster. He’s a most unlikely hero, I must admit. He can’t really fly that far or particularly high. He isn’t overly smart or strong or fast. Joshua Aylong is none of these things when we first meet […]

Fan Art

This post entails some of the fan art I have received. I will post them in no particular order below. If you would like to draw a scene or a character from the book, feel free to send me an email and I’ll send you my home address. If you want, your drawing will be […]