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The Three Feathers – A review by Kayla Dawn

Sometimes a story must be told.  It swells within the writer’s heart until it bursts forth onto paper.  The Three Feathers-The Magnificent Journey of Joshua Aylong by Stefan Bolz is one of these tales. A young rooster leaves the confines and the comfort of his pen and embarks on an epic journey that will change his life and […]

Author Spotlight.. Guest Blog by Morgen Bailey

From Morgen Bailey’s “Author’s Spotlight” Blog: “Stefan wanted to write since he was the tender age of seventeen, but his wild youth and turbulent teens pulled him away from writing even though the wish to write never completely left him. Almost three decades later, his secret passion has finally caught up with him when he accidentally […]

Adventures at Author Day

Hi everyone, I just came back from an amazing Author Day at Lenape Elementary School in New Paltz. About 300 students, third and fourth grade, attended. I read from the book, answered a lot of questions and signed many objects like napkins, pieces of scrap paper, business cards,  rubber balls, baseball hats, sneakers, T-Shirts,lunch boxes, a […]

Review of The Three Feathers by The Indie Book Review

I’ve made it an unofficial policy of mine to simply not review indie books that I do not like.  Grandma’s old adage, “If you can’t say something nice. . . .” sorta stuck with me, she’d be happy to hear.  ”I’m glad something stuck in that girl’s thick head,” she’d say.  However, when an author actually submits […]

Writing From the Heart

I recently finished a book called Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts. I have seen the movie many times (Natalie Portman & Ashley Judd) and thought the book might be nice. And it was. It was a nice story, some sweet moments here and there, until I came to the end. I found myself […]