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A very nice recommendation by a fourth grade teacher

Last spring, I had the opportunity to read aloud Stefan Bolz’s book The Three Feathers prior to its official publication, thanks to the suggestion of one of my students.  Although it is not the type of book and genre that I typically choose for my own personal reading, I make it a point to read […]

Interview with the Blue Stone Press

Lori: Stefan, congratulations on your book. From what you have told me so far it sounds very intriguing. I have to ask you… its main character is a rooster. Can you tell us a little bit about the story? Stefan: Thanks, Lori. The story is about Joshua Aylong, a rooster, who lives a comfortable life in his […]

Interview with Donnie Light from

The Three Feathers – eBook76 Featured Book – by Donnie Light I recently had the opportunity to work on a new first novel, “The Three Feathers” by Stefan Bolz. As I gathered the information for the eBook and Print book projects, I became interested in the book and wanted to know more about it. Stefan […]

The Great River – The Three Feathers (Major Spoiler Alert)

Dear Friends, It’s Grey. I am encouraging you not to read this post until you have read The Three Feathers in its entirety. I don’t want you to miss out on an awesome twist in the story. Having said that, I hope you know that I did not die at the end of my journey […]

Lenape School Reading and Signing

Hi there, it’s Stefan, I had a great time at the Lenape School Library Fair yesterday (If I would have known that it was also ‘Crazy Hair Day’ I would have done something with mine). I spoke to many awesome young readers about Joshua’s adventures and signed a lot of copies. It inspired me to […]

Keep Your Dream Alive – The Three Feathers

The idea of a rooster searching for three feathers somewhere deep inside a mountain grew from a small seedling to something far beyond itself. During the process of writing it, I realized that I was on my own journey right along with Joshua. How it came about, the momentum it gained while it was written […]